Spanish and Italian Modernist Studies Forum

The Spanish and Italian Modernist Studies Forum (SIMSF) was founded by Nicolás Fernández-Medina and Maria Truglio in 2013 to provide a forum at Penn State for the exploration of the socio-historical, cultural, and aesthetic transformations that fundamentally shaped Spain and Italy during the Modernist period. Through its emphasis on multi-disciplinarity and its commitment to global scholarly exchange, SIMSF serves as a dynamic structure that brings together specialists in the field to establish productive networks for discussion and collaboration.

Since its founding, SIMSF has sought to foster and promote a wide range of activities that include organizing lecture series and scholarly talks with various Penn State departments, offering undergraduate/graduate courses that have supplemented departmental and college course offerings, hosting salons and interactive public events on Spanish and Italian modernisms, and mentoring undergraduate/graduate students. Through these activities, SIMSF also aims to strengthen ties with scholars at various national and international institutions and serve as a conduit for modernist and avant-garde studies.

In the fall of 2019, SIMSF organized the lecture series The Ephemera of Change: Gender and Media Culture in Spanish and Italian Modernisms.

The Ephemera of Change_SIMSF 2